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Onion Bhajee (v) 2.35
Thinly sliced onions mixed with home-made garam masala & gram flour, then deep fried.
Samosa (v) 2.35
A Rajastani version of the classic with a sweet spicy chilli sause (choose between spicy chiilli sauce (choose between spicy lamb or vegetable filling).
Aloo Tikki (v) 2.45
Crisp potato cakes, infused with cumin, served with garlic, cariander and mushroom.
Reshmi Kebab 2.95
Minced chicken fillets, flavoured with cariander seeds, fresh mint, & garam masala, then grilled over charcoal.
Harylai Murgh Tikka 3.05
Chicken fillets, marinated with frresh mint, spinach & cariander puree, flavoured with home-made spices.
Lahori Lamb Chops 3.95
Tender lamb chops, marinated with ginger, garlic & freshly ground roasted cloves.
Amritsari Machli 3.95
Cod coated with carom flavoured batter, then fried for a dry & crispy finish.
Chicken Tikka 2.95
Boneless pieces of chicken, marinated with garlic, green chillies, fresh lime juice and ground spices.
Lamb Tikka 3.05
Boneless Pieces of lamb marinated in yoghurt, garlic, ginger & fresh ground black pepper.
Hara Pyaz Ka Jhinga 4.05
Succulent king prawns, tossed with onions, green peppers and spices.
Malabar Mussels 3.25
Lightly spiced mussels with mustared seed, served in a tamarine sauce.
Bhatika Panner 3.25
Indian cottage cheese, marintaed with fresh ginger & garlic.
Batata Puri 2.95
Vegetable difh cooked delicately with onions, garnished tomatoes & capsicum to a sweet, sour & medium hot flavour.Served on an indian pancake.
Chilli panner 3.25
indian cottage cheese, toasted with assorted peppers fresh chilli & aromatic spices.
Fish Tikka 3.25
Pieces of traditional fish marinated in garlic, green chillies, lime juice & fresh ground spices.
Sabzi Selection (for 2 persons) 5.95
Onion Bhajee, aloo tikka & vegetable samosa.
Mixed Sharing Platter (for 2persons) 6.95
Reshmi kebab, lahori lamb chopc, chicken tikka.
Tandoori Dishes
Tandoori Chicken 5.65
Half chicken, morinated in yoghurt & spices, roasted in the tandoor.
Chicken Tikka 5.50
Marinated chicken pieces grilled in our clay oven
Lamb Tikka 5.75
Marinated lamb pieces grilled in our clay oven
Haryali Murgh Tikka 5.95
Chicken fillets marinated with fresh mint, spinach & coriander puree, flavoured with home-made spices.
Chicken or Lamb Shashlick 7.95
Grilled in spices with fresh green peppers, tomatoes, onions & a crispy green salad. Served with a masala sauce.
Mixed Tandoori Platter 8.50
Tandoori chicken, sheek kebab, chicken tikka, lamb tikka. Servede with salad & fresh baked nan bread.
Salmon Tikka 6.95
Fresh salmon marinated in spiced mustared oil, tumeric, lime & coriander, then cooked in our clay oven (tandoor).
Tandoori King Prawn 9.95
Succulent giant king prawn, mixed with mild spices, grilled in our clay oven.
Sea Bass 8.95
Sea bass cooked in our oven clay until golden & crispy. Served with a bhuna sauce.
Old Favourites
  Chicken/Lamb Prawn King Prawn
Curry £4.95 £5.25 £8.95
Madras £4.95 £5.25 £8.95
Vindaloo £5.25 £5.45 £8.95
Makhani £5.95 £6.45 £9.95
Butter £5.95 £6.45 £9.95
Korma £5.45 £5.95 £9.95
Tikka Masala £5.75 £6.45 £9.95
Passanda £5.95 £6.45 £9.95
Bhuna £5.45 £5.95 £9.95
Rogon Josh £5.45 £5.95 £9.95
Dupiaza £5.45 £5.95 £9.95
Dhansak £5.45 £5.95 £9.95
Patia £5.45 £5.95 £9.95
Karahi £5.95 £6.45 £9.95
Jalfrezi £5.95 £6.45 £9.95
Sag £5.45 £5.95 £9.95
Tikka Bhuna £5.95 - -
Chefs Specials
Chooze Aur Chaulika Murghi 6.25
A delicious, medium hot and spicy dish. Cooked with soft boneless chicken, made with chat masala, kasoori methi chaula beans, coriander, spring onions & a touch of green chillies.
Amlika Chicken or Lamb 6.25
Cooked with mangos, mild, creamy, touch of mustard, lightly spiced
Goan Salon 6.25
Medium spiced dish cooked with fresh coriander, dry mint & tamarind in a thick sauce.
Methi-ki-Chuza 6.25
Succlent pieces of chicken tandoori, cooked with methi leaves & freshly ground spices to bring out the delicious taste of chicken.
Haryali Chicken Masala 6.75
Green chicken baked in a marinade of spinach, mint & cariander puree, served in a creamy sauce.
Shatkora Lamb or Chicken 6.75
Cooked with traditional bangladeshi citrus fruit (shatkora) to give a subtle tangy flavour. Served with a unique medium hot sauce.
Hakaluki Sorisha 6.25
Barbecued pieces of chicken or lamb cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, green chillies, cariander, turmeric & touch of mustared sauce.
Janter Manter 6.25
A delicious hot & spicy dish, cooked in a unique sauce with green peppers, spring onions, carrots, touch of green & red chillies. Flavoured with warm spices (choose between chicken or lamb)
Kapsila Murgh (sweet & sour) 6.25
Mild curry with a slghtly sweet & sour taste, made with tomatoes & almond flakes.
Palm Naga Special 6.75
A delicious very hot & spicy dish cooked in a unique sauce with green peppers, spring onions, touch of naga & red chillies.
Salmon Tikka masala 7.95
Marinated pieces of fresh salmon baked in our tandoori oven & finished with a mild creamy sauce.
Chicken Shashlick Bhuna 6.75
A very mouthwatering dish, grilled in our tandoori oven, then cooked in a medium sauce.
Tandoori King Prawn Masala 10.95
Marinated jumbo prawns cooked in a slightly tangy creamy thick sauce.
Mughle Azam 11.95
Half tandoori chicken cooked with chefs own exotic spice with egg, served with pillow rice.
Khyber Chicken or Lamb 11.95
Chopped onion, green peppers, yoghurt & chefs own recipe, served with pilow rice.
Vegetarian Selection
  Main Side
Rajastani Mixed Bhajee 5.25 3.25
Dry mixed vegatables cooked with cottage cheese & chat masala, finished with green peppers, served with a chapati.
Tarka Daal Of The Day 4.75 2.75
Lentils cooked in a traditional style with garlic & cumin.
Saag Aloo 4.75 2.75
Spinach & potatoes cooked with ginger, onions, garlic & tomatoes.
Bombay Aloo 4.75 2.75
Potatoes with onion, tamarind, cariander & mustared seeds.
Bhindi Japuri (Okra) 4.75 2.75
Crispy fried okara cooked with onions & roasted caraway seeds in a medium spice.
Chana masala (chick peas) 4.75 2.75
Chick peas in a spicy sauce infused with lentils with 'panj-pooran-five sppice mix'.
  Main Side
Katchurii Dhansak 4.75 2.75
Vegetable katchuri cooked with lentils with a sweet sour & hot sauce.
Vegetable Badami 4.75 2.75
Grilled vegetables, cooked with ground almonds, coconut & tropical milk.
Sag Panner 4.75 2.75
Cooked with cottage cheese & spinach, stir-fried with onions & garlic.
Panner Makhani 4.75 2.75
Cooked in cottage cheese, stir-fried with onions & garlic.
Baigare Baigain 4.75 2.75
Baby aubergines, cooked with onions, tomatoes, freshly ground coconut & sesame seeds
Mushroom Bhajee 4.75 2.75
Punjabi Balti Dishes
All balti dishes served with a Nan bread.
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn Balti 6.45
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Balti 7.45
Balti Tropical 7.95
Cooked with lamb, chicken prawns & spinach.
King Prawn Balti 9.95
Vegetable Balti 5.45
Biryani Dishes
Served with a mixed vegetable curry sauce
Chicken, Lamb or Prawn Biryani 6.25
Chicken or Lamb Tikka Biryani 7.25
King Prawn Biryani 8.95
Vegetable Biryani 5.25
Palm Tree Biryani 8.25
Chicken, Lamb & prawns cooked with ground coconut, raisins & served with an omlette on top.
English Dishes
Chicken Omelette & Chips 4.95
Mushroom Omelette & Chips 4.95
Fried Chicken & Chips 4.95
Set Meals
Nan Vegetarian 21.95
Pappadams, onion bhajee, chicken tikka, chicken tikka masaka, chicken jalfrezi, bombay aloo, 2 pillow rice & 1 plain nan.
Vegetarian 17.95
pappadams, vegetable somosa, aloo tikka, katchuri dansak, mushroom bhajee, rajasthani, mixed bhajee, 2 pillow rice & 1 plain nan.
Rice Dishes
Boiled Rice 1.85
Pillaw Rice 1.95
Mushroom Ried Rice 2.45
Keema Fried Rice 2.45
Lemon Fried Rice 2.45
Coconut Rice 2.45
Special Fried Rice (egg & peas) 2.65
Roti, Nans & Sundries
Plain Nan 1.75
Stuffed Nan 1.95
Choose between - Peshwari, Keema, Garlic, Chilli, Vegetable or Cheese fillings.
Chapati 1.00
Tandoori Roti 1.50
Paratha 1.75
Vegetable or Aloo Paratha 1.95
Pappadam 0.60
Spicy Pappadam 0.70
Chutney 0.50
Chutney Tray 2.00
(coconut, mango, onion, mint)
Chips 1.50
Raita 1.50
(yoghurt with cucumber or onion)

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